I Am A Digital Marketer

 Driven by data, fueled by passion & obsessed with growth.

  • Multi-Skilled

    Ability to be both technical and strategic. This enables me to be able to handle all digital marketing tasks, analyse and optimize with ease.

  • Experienced

    Over 8 years and counting of digital marketing experience in different roles, experimenting with different channels and keeping up with trends to continue producing results.

  • Creative + Analytical

    I have the ability to come up with creative content. Coupled with an analytical mind to identify trends and find solutions within the numbers.

Marketing Automation – Conversion Rate Optimization – Social Media Management – Paid Social – Branding – Website Development – Visual Identity – Brand & Digital Marketing Strategy – Copywriting – Digital Audits – Content Creation – Graphic Design – Landing Pages – Content Marketing – Data Analytics – Search Engine Optimisation – Search Engine Marketing – Chatbots – HTML CSS PHP JS – Inbound Marketing

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10-year business expert with a talent for driving customer acquisition, activation, retention and enhancing revenue through digital marketing.

Your goals are my passion, and I leverage the dynamics of the Internet to reach them and create value. This is backed by my experience of working in various marketing roles, using a variety of marketing stack applications and producing measurable results.

So whether lowering your CAC or increasing your LTV, and conversions are your key KPIs, I am up for the challenge to be your MVP. So let us work together and grow together – one click at a time.

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